ArmorPak ESP

For electric drive pumps including electric submersible pumps, ArmorPak is loaded with an encapsulated three phase copper cable and includes braided aircraft cable for support. This combination is preloaded into  one side of the ArmorPak leaving the other side open to carry production fluids from downhole pump to surface. The power tubing side is sealed near the bottom hole assembly to prevent pressure, gas and fluid migration into the tubing with a secondary seal near the surface for additional protection. A specialized tubing hanger, pump connector and motor lead extension are incorporated into the system to facilitate the installation of an ArmorPak conveyed ESP. ArmorPak ESP can be configured to include an injection capillary conduit along with data transmission cable installed in a second tube beside the ArmorPak using a side entry “live well” procedure. Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Facilitates live well installation and subsequent service of electric pumps
  • Protects the ESP cable
  • Substantially reduces servicing time, cost and lease footprint
  • Eliminates requirement for service or work over rigs
  • Eliminates cable spool unit when conveying electric pumps
  • Reduced equipment mobilization and associated cost


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Tubing Hanger

CJS designed a two-piece dognut to be installed around the dual coil string that grips the coil as it is landed inside the CJS wellhead.  The nitrile rubber element ensures well control.







Pump Connector

CJS designed a pump connector that threads to the top of the ESP, connects to the dual coil string and leaves room to use cable splice technology to connect the ESP cable to the ArmorPak cable.  A profile in the production side of the connector allows a dart to be dropped and seal off the production coil.

Wellhead Penetrator – Electric Feedthrough

CJS designed a custom wellhead to match the wellhead penetrator system and facilitate cable feed through the pipe slips.









Isolation and Coil Cutting

A wireline retrievable plug is set in the profile of the pump connector and pressure tested to provide isolation of the coil during running and cutting of the coil.


Shear Assembly

A tapered guide on top of the CJS pump connector was incorporated to mitigate the risk of getting planted.  A shear sub was designed to run above the ESP pump to allow the coil tubing to pull free from the pump connector.  The power cable was designed to part downhole at the splice connector.


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