ArmorPak Permanent Jet Pump

CJS and Source Rock Energy Partners (SREP), a private Calgary, Alberta company, have developed and jointly patented a jet pump design for de- watering mature gas wells, conventional horizontal gas wells, CBM and shale gas wells, and for producing oil from vertical and horizontal wells.
Among the advantages of jet pumping, it requires no downhole moving parts and it is able to lift reasonable quantities of sand efficiently. This pumping system has been successfully deployed in oil and gas wells in Western Canada and the US for permanent pumping installations.
Wellbore fluids are pulled into a flow stream by the jet pump utilizing the Venturi effect. The flow stream is pumped down hole and back up again through a dual CT string or a tubing-annular configuration. The key components of the jet pump assembly are flow reversible, relieving the need of a service rig for retrieval, inspection, service or changes. Only one man and one to two hours of time are required to perform pump component change outs. The jet pump, coupled with FlatPak dual string CT technology, can be run in hole or retrieved with a single CT unit operation.

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The use of larger fluid input areas and cleaner flow geometries in the jet pump design allows for operation with efficiencies equal to or greater than that of conventional artificial lift system. In addition, these features facilitate the movement of solids through the jet pump, making the pump an excellent choice for operation in solids-production environments.
This system uses high-pressure diaphragm pumps as surface equipment, substantially reducing the environmental and maintenance issues often associated with plunger type pumps. To emphasize ease of maintenance and lower operating costs, the units are closed systems with cartridge type check valves and diaphragms. To facilitate surface handling needs, a systems approach is used in addition to the surface diaphragm pump. Natural gas engines or electric motors with a variable frequency drive are used to reduce operating costs and pump wear.
For wells that require only intermittent fluid pumping, the FlatPak umbilical and Jet Pump combination are installed in the well and, on demand, a pressure truck is connected to the FlatPak injection tube at surface to supply fluid to the Jet Pump actuating the pump.

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