This innovative system takes advantage of a robust and proven specialized jet pump and dual coil tubing using one tubing for power fluid injection and other tubing for fluid returns. The jet pump is equipped with a nozzle/throat configuration which will be optimized for candidate wells.
The intake of the pump has a screen to allow appropriately sized solids to be produced, but will prevent oversized particles from clogging the pump. Also incorporated is a combination back-pressure valve/nozzle which acts as a forward jet if sand bridges are encountered that prevent normal forward advancement of the jet pump assembly. When pressurized by pumping down both tubing strings, the valve will open and the tool will jet forward into the sand bridge. Once the sand bridge is broken jet pumping can resume, producing fluid and sand to the surface.




  • Eliminates liquid hydrostatic suppression of production
  • Achieves greater formation pressure draw down
  • Can achieve near dry gas flow

  • High solids content of produced formation liquids can be handled efficiently and economically

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do you have competitors in this cleanout technology?
A: Yes however, the E-Vac tool offers considerably greater efficiency in terms of reduced time on location and reduced overall job cost.
Q: Is this a proven technology?
A: Yes and in fact has been performed in several countries.
Q: What size of wells casing and liners can you accommodate?
A: 114.3 mm (4.5 inch) and greater.
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