HydraPak HSP

Conveyed on FlatPak or ArmorPak, the HydraPak hydraulic submersible pump “HSP” (formerly Raise HSP) is a true positive displacement, low to medium volume pump that substantially reduces gas locking. Developed from field experience, this pump was designed specially to address problems encountered with other artificial lift systems. The pump uses a powerful hydraulic piston and cylinder design to induce energy to lift liquids and gases from any type of wellbore to surface production facilities.
The HydraPak HSPTM  is capable of operating in high and low pressure environments. It is fully functional with minimum bottom hole pressure, and provides the capability of compressing gas while it pumps liquids.
This patented HSP meets the challenge of de-watering Coal Bed Methane (CBM) wells and can assist in increasing ultimate reservoir recovery from tight gas, shale gas and oil well applications. It specifically addresses problems that may be associated with the production of natural gas using progressive cavity, electric submersible or downhole insert pumps.

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HSP midres

Intake stroke

  • • The piston down-stroke hydraulic line is energized and moves the power end piston down by pushing from the top
  • • The wellbore fluid enters the chamber from above the production end piston
  • • Cooling fluid (produced fluid) is displaced from the chamber below the production piston and flushes the intake screen
  • • At the end of piston stroke the WanFlu valve on the surface unit switches to the piston up stroke hydraulic line



Production stroke

  • • With the production barrel full, the piston upstroke hydraulic line is energized
  • • The hydraulic power piston and consequently the production piston are displaced upward
  • • In turn, the production fluid is displaced from the production barrel, above the discharge check values and into the production tubing
  • • Behind the production piston a new volume of flush line fluid is filling the production barrel for the next stroke


HydraPak HSP



  • Low to mid production volume applications
  • Flow rates from 0.1 to 24 m3/day (1 to 150bbl/day)
  • Coal Bed Methane
  • Shallow Gas
  • Tight Gas
  • Conventional Oil
  • Horizontal Oil and Gas Wells


  • Rigless “live” coiled tubing unit installations via FlatPakTM
  • Easy and inexpensive installation and extraction from wells
  • Operates in a deviated or horizontal inclination
  • Eliminates rod and tubing wear and associated production downtime
  • Significantly reduces gas locking
  • Operates in a “pumped off” state
  • Self cleaning screen
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Solar powered solutions available

Technical Information:

United States Patent & Trademark issued Patent No. 7,431,572 B2

Canadian Patent No. 2,453,072: Hydraulic Oil Well Pumping Installation

Canadian Patent No. 2,432,124: Downhole Pump Assembly for Producing Gas Well

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