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CJS Production Technologies and its wholly owned subsidiary CJS Nevada Inc. are privately owned companies committed to production solutions for the energy industry. In 2008 CJS pioneered a method of encapsulating multiple CT strings in a thermoplastic resin. This technology answered an industry-wide call for the conveyance of hydraulically operated artificial lift systems.  CJS’ FlatPak vertical umbilical acts as a production conduit while integrating hydraulic control capability for subsurface artificial lift systems. FlatPak and ArmorPak umbilical and CJS downhole pumping systems facilitate “live” well intervention and fluid production optimization while decreasing service events & corresponding well downtime. By eliminating service rigs and using coiled tubing units to install CJS pumping systems, well operators can minimize their cost, production downtime and location footprint. CJS products are capital cost competitive in comparison to traditional artificial lift technology.
In 2013 CJS has expanded its umbilical technology to include ArmorPak, an all metal umbilical solution for deeper depth and thermal applications. CJS now markets its products internationally in North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.
CJS owns the intellectual property surrounding the FlatPak and ArmorPak umbilical, and all associated permanent pumping and well clean-out solutions. CJS offers coiled tubing unit service to deploy the company’s artificial lift systems in Canada via our coiled tubing service equipment located in Lloydminster, Alberta. CJS also works in conjunction with CJS Nevada Inc. and Single Plane Coiled Tubing located in the United States, offering FlatPak related coiled tubing services to our United States customers.

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Our Coiled Umbilical at a Glance

FlatPakTM is CJS’s patented method of encapsulating coiled tubing and electric umbilical strings to convey and actuate downhole pumps for artificial lift. FlatPak features an innovative design incorporating multiple coiled tubing strings or electrical conduits into one uniform body using a high strength thermoplastic jacket. FlatPak’s versatility makes it the ideal, low-cost solution for a wide range of operations. FlatPak can be modified to incorporate a wide variety of diameters of coiled tubing or electric conduits. CJS offers a custom designed wellhead and pump connection system to hang the FlatPak and pump in customer wells. FlatPak is versatile and combined with CJS pumps it can be deployed in existing gas and oil wells as a permanent production system or well bore cleanout system. To date, CJS has installed hundreds of thousands of feet of FlatPak into wells ranging from 400 to 2,500 meters deep. Historically, FlatPak has conveyed a large variety of pumps while demonstrating exceptional resilience to wear.

ArmorPakTM is CJS’s patent pending ”all steel” coiled tubing umbilical intended to install hydraulic and electric pumps to greater true vertical depths at higher reservoir pressure and temperature. ArmorPak is intended for use in pumping and cleanout applications previously validated by conventional coiled tubing or jointed tubing applications.

ArmorPak is manufactured in Canada by CJS. Specialized processes of assembling the umbilical combined with a novel suspension system used in the coiled tubing injector were developed by CJS to offer this product line. Additional developments connected to ArmorPak include a specialized stripper and blow out prevention system to facilitate live well ArmorPak installation.

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