ArmorPakTM is CJS’s patent pending ”all steel” coiled tubing umbilical intended to install hydraulic and electric pumps to greater true vertical depths at higher reservoir pressure and temperature. ArmorPak is intended for use in pumping and cleanout applications previously validated by conventional coiled tubing or jointed tubing applications.
ArmorPak is manufactured in Canada by CJS. Specialized processes of assembling the umbilical combined with a novel suspension system used in the coiled tubing injector were developed by CJS to offer this product line. Additional developments connected to ArmorPak include a specialized stripper and blow out prevention system to facilitate live well ArmorPak installation.


For electric drive pumps including electric submersible pumps, ArmorPak is loaded with an encapsulated three phase copper cable and includes braided aircraft cable for support. This combination is preloaded into one side of the ArmorPak leaving the other side open to carry production fluids from downhole pump to surface. For hydraulic service, a third tube is installed into one side of the ArmorPak to permit injection and receipt of hydraulic fluid through the concentric side to power the pump.
During 2014, CJS and its associates custom designed an ArmorPak conveyed electric submersible pumping system for ConocoPhillips (“COP”) supporting a gas dewatering scheme in Alaska. Concurrent with the manufacturing of this ESP system, CJS custom designed a second hydraulic pumping system for COP in Alaska. Both of these pump systems were successfully deployed for COP using CJS’s truck mounted coiled tubing unit in July and August of 2015 and these wells have been placed back on production. COP re-completed these wells at considerable savings compared with rig based alternatives with subsequent pump service operations also saving COP considerable capital. In addition to the cost benefit of rig-less service operations, live well service will be available to our clients to enhance post completion production performance and eliminate the possibility of reservoir damage.
More details on the system elements and components are available on this site and by contacting CJS.
ArmorPak, like FlatPak, can be configured to include an injection capillary conduit along with data transmission cables which are installed in a separate tube beside the ArmorPak using a side entry “live well” procedure. ArmorPak is now available for distribution to the energy industry to facilitate the conveyance and actuation of any of CJS’s downhole pumping tools.
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