Supported by Efficient Technolgies Inc. (Calgary, Alberta) and Petrospec Engineering Inc. (Sherwood Park, Alberta), the E-Vac tool is conveyed into a wellbore via concentric coiled tubing. The tool is actuated using injected produced water down one of the two conduits relying on the venturi principal to create a low-pressure draw into the tool where injection fluids mix with well solids and liquids, returned up the second conduit to surface for evaluation. Simultaneously, E-Vac’s multiple custom jet nozzles break down, slurry and flush solids blockages from the wellbore into the E-Vac tool.

E-Vac Lite General Lease Arrangement

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  • Can be used to replace sand bailing and foaming in difficult, low-pressure circumstances
  • Efficient & robust patent-pending tool and job design speeds job progress and simplifies footprint for overall cost savings
  • Balanced pressure operations mitigate fluids and solids losses into the zone

  • Pressure balanced well-cleaning opens blocked reservoir graduating production declines and extending the economic life of the well

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do you have competitors in this cleanout technology?
A: Yes, however, the E-Vac process offers considerably greater efficiency in terms of reduced time on location and reduced overall job cost.
Q: Is this a proven technology?
A: For over 20 years this style of low-pressure reservoir cleaning has been successfully performed in numerous countries.
Q: What size of wells casing and liners can you accommodate?
A: 114.3 mm (4.5 inch) and greater.
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