CJS FlatPak™ features an innovative rectangular matrix design, encapsulating multiple coiled tubing strings or electrical conduits into one uniform body using a high strength thermoplastic jacket.
FlatPakTM is CJS’s patented method of encapsulating coiled tubing and electric umbilical strings to convey and actuate downhole pumps for artificial lift. FlatPak’s versatility makes it the ideal, low-cost solution for a wide range of operations. FlatPak can be modified to incorporate a wide variety of diameters of coiled tubing or electric conduits. While CJS offers FlatPak coiled tubing services in Canada and the US to convey our systems, any conventional coiled tubing unit combined with CJS custom designed running equipment can be used to install FlatPak. CJS also offers a custom designed wellhead and pump connection system to hang the FlatPak and pump in customer wells. FlatPak is versatile and combined with CJS pumps it can be deployed in existing gas and oil wells as a permanent production system or well bore cleanout system. While hydraulic pump systems require multiple strings, FlatPak reduces cost and complexity by combining all tubing conduits into one uniform body. To date, CJS has installed hundreds of thousands of feet of FlatPak into wells ranging from 400 to 2,500 meters deep. Historically, FlatPak has conveyed a large variety of pumps while demonstrating exceptional resilience to wear.

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In 2007, CJS was approached by Global Energy Services to resolve a problem they were having with the efficiencies in conveying their hydraulic submersible pump. Past methods of deployment of their pump proved unwieldy and very expensive. Since three tubulars were required both to drive the pump and receive production fluid to surface, CJS considered a coiled tubing umbilical to be the best solution for the problem. However, a typical round umbilical presented some issues relating to wrapping the inner tubulars to prepare for spooling. This process is both complex and costly; moreover, the resulting matrix is very large, difficult, and expensive to deploy. Due to these concerns, CJS considered making the umbilical rectangular in shape so that each of the inner tubulars would be kept on the same plane. Working with an extrusion company located in the US, CJS developed the original prototypes of FlatPak.
FlatPak was deployed for the first time in Spring 2008.  In this gas lift scheme, the FlatPak umbilical was configured with a plastic production tube, a steel injection tube and a capillary string to be conveyed into a waxy light oil well in Montana. The system worked flawlessly, setting the stage to expand the uses of this product to other artificial lift systems.

Permanent Installations

Since commercialization, CJS has installed hundreds of thousands of feet of FlatPak umbilical. We have had the pleasure of working with such top tier companies as Devon, EOG, Chesapeake, Encana, Enerplus and Husky, conveying hydraulic submersible pumps to deliquify shale, CBM and low pressure gas wells throughout North America. Each past deployment of the FlatPak has been successful, allowing operators to significantly reduce installation time and intervention costs. FlatPak features live well intervention—eliminating the need to kill the well—and allows customers to run pumps into deviated wells or horizontal laterals without the concerns of tubing or rod wear. FlatPak provides our customers with a cost effective and convenient option by integrating multiple services into one. In a single service operation, FlatPak can convey production tubing, capillary injection strings, and electric cable for an ESP deploy. In addition, FlatPak’s TPV Elastomer used to encapsulate the tubing provides mechanical and corrosion protection, and insulation from extreme temperatures.

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